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I hope you have enjoyed the portraits in the GALLERY page if you would like a portrait in colour or charcoal pencil of a loved one with a message from them, please send  to me your address and a cheque for £20 to Gary Smith, 15 Kingfisher Drive, Brandon, Suffolk, IP27 OTZ.                 P.S.  Please do not give any details about a loved one you wish to contact the spirit world and your loved ones who reside there are  aware of the person you wish to have a link with in portrait form.

Requesting a  loved one.

Postage paid by me First Class

Thank You.G.S.

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  1. Hi I am wondering what you charge in dollars for a spirit drawing of a loved one? Do you do medium readings as we’ll ? How does it work to purchase a drawing .. I live in the us. Thanks greatly . Judy

  2. Hi JUDY. Thanks for your inquiry. The energy when linking up to spirit is usually used in the drawing of the portrait itself so you don’t usually get much of a reading just a few facts about the person being drawn and sometimes information that links with the recipient [you]. I keep my fees as low as possible so a portrait to you from the U.K. would cost about 50 dollars. If your still interested you can find my address on my CONTACT ME page. Remember there are some very good psychic artists in the U.S. that you could consider. Investigation is also a good thing. So all the very best for now JUDY. GARY…

  3. Hi Gary , thanks for getting back to me , that is a very reasonable price! I would like to try it! Can you tell me … do we tell you who we are hoping to reach or how does it work? did you mean by Trying “investigation “to find other spirit artists by research ? I’m looking for websites and ideas for good , reasonable mediums and spirit artists . Thank you for any ideas that could be helpful , Judy .

  4. Hi Judy, It’s best NEVER to tell a medium who you wish a contact with from the Spirit World. The Spirit People are more advanced in the knowledge that you are looking for a specific person who you wish to rekindle those links of love with. Those in the Spirit World are 10 times more intelligent than we are – TRUST ME – After I receive a request for a portrait from a recipient I usually ask the Spirit to bring in the link or Spirit person that they are seeking – usually it works, but not always, sometimes another person will show themselves instead and usually for a good reason. Hope this is of some use to your investigation JUDY. Love GARY.

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