Loved Ones


When your family members, friends, and helpers come to me to be drawn they are full of  joy and happiness  and very often excited to have made contact with you once again.  I can pick up their personalities and characters and even their accents whether they are from the U.K. U.S.A. Australia or world wide.

Some spirit people are jocular others a bit mischievous depicting how they were when on earth and to identify themselves as you would have remembered them.

On many occasions a loved one who passed to spirit will come through much younger looking than when they passed to the spirit world, say an 80, or 90 years old will show themselves at the age of 25, or 30, I gather from what they say to me they are wanting to be remembered at their best and not so old looking and unwell before passing to the spirit world.

At any sitting with a medium there is no guarantee that the person that you are seeking will be the one communicating – In my training I always ask spirit if they can contact the spirit person the sitter wishes to seek, and  have a high success rate with contacting the spirit loved one they desire a link with, although occasionally another spirit person will show themselves instead….

.   So what do the spirit people think about you – They do not judge, but accept without reservation your colour, gender, religious beliefs as normal and a natural way of life.   You are so much LOVED by those in the Spirit World. Their message to all is to be happy, enjoy your life and life’s experiences to the full.   (always be sensible) and if you can help just one person on this earth then your life has been well worth living.    With spontaneous acts of kindness, a smile and help to a friend in need, a cup of tea or snack for your elderly neighbour who might be ailing, making that opportunity to extend your love which will produce an energy of joy into your own life of spiritual growth.   What matters in life, in your life are not the errors or mistakes you have made but the willingness to help others through kindness and compassion through your love given  freely – One should consider help with animals in the animal kingdoms, we have to be conscious of their needs and the environment that they live in especially now in the uncertainties of the 21st century.  Today we have new challenges, in recent times there has been a profound shift in thinking when it comes to our attitudes towards openmindedness, it’s heartening to note the tremendous number of people valuing spiritual teachings today.  Genuineness must shine through in our dealings with this present generation those like yourselves who have risen to this challenge in a scientific approach to  an understanding of the psychic field.

I have had so many psychic experiences over the years which I would like to relate here, but my time is of more value with the work I perform as an psychic artist, but I would like to share one or two experiences that happened to me when I was in my early development..

I usually go to bed about midnight, on retiring to bed and turning over on my right side I distinctly heard like a human voice saying watch for this 4 o’clock, it was a force outside of myself, occasionally such thoughts may come suddenly and with a sense of urgency,,, Gary 4 o’clock.  Was it p.m. or a.m. I had no idea.  I drifted off to sleep, I remember turning over to my left hand side and suddenly found myself fully awake looking at the clock on my bedside cabinet – it was exactly 4 o’clock a.m. – as I looked up towards my bedroom windows I saw flames dancing up and down the curtains a bright orange colour – jumping out of bed drew back the curtains and looking across a field opposite I saw a caravan bursting into flames and running around the caravan several men shouting and throwing helplessly buckets of water in vain to douse out the flames – it was an alarming sight to witness and the bitter experiences of those people losing their home.

But it was leading me into a new light of understanding that the powers that be apparently invisible are still able to show moments of crisis at any time.

The spirit world and its inhabitants do not deal with time as we know it.  On another occasion I was watching one of my favourite sports tennis, I  felt a young spirit lad draw into my aura, the t.v. screen went blank for a few seconds and the final score appeared on the screen two hours before the end of the match – I was fuming and heard him chuckling in the background.

On the HOME PAGE, a new Questions and Answers blogs will take place from you to me. If you have any questions just ask.  An EXAMPLE of a question from you to me might be… What is the difference between a psychic and a medium?

EXAMPLE.. Can you give an example of 100% proof of Life after Death?

Good books to read – recommended – a medium’s journey of many years  with experience as a working medium (INEVITABLE JOURNEY) by Donald Galloway.   Also (THE BOY WHO SAW TRUE) by Peter Nevill. Also (MY LIFE IN TWO WORLDS) by Leonard Gladys Osborne. Also (A VENTURE IN IMMORTALITY) by David Kennedy.  Life in the World Unseen – By Anthony Borgia.  AND More About Life In THE WORLD UNSEEN. By A. B.      Many Thanks to the people that have given  favourable comments on WordPress blogs.       Gary Smith.

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